We thoroughly study the scope of the project and break down each stone, format, and finish to provide an accurate, itemized budget. All materials can be ordered in almost any size and finish required for your project.

Cut Tickets

Visual representations of the project are created to ensure all details are captured correctly. These drawings take the designer’s vision and add the details required for proper installation and factory production. Cut Tickets are the direct link between the installer and the factory overseas.

Control Samples

Control samples showing the expected color variation and surface finish are key to client satisfaction. Approval of these samples is required to ensure there are no surprises in the range and finish of the final product.


Once cut tickets and control samples are approved, material is put into production. Our long-standing relationships with experienced factories enable us to confidently produce high quality material that in turn allows architects and designers to achieve their vision.

More info on our Production Process

Quality Control

Upon arrival, each project is evaluated to ensure proper components are delivered and are within the approved contractual range.