General Product Information


Because the purchase of natural stone for a home or commercial project represents a significant investment, proper installation is critical. To help ensure a successful installation, please take note of the steps outlined below:
• Select your installer or fabricator with consideration and care. We also recommend that you request referrals from previous clients before making your final decision.
• Make sure your installer understands the special patterns or blending requirements that are part of the job. To ensure satisfactory results, we strongly recommend blending all tiles before installation.
• See that your installer reviews and understands any special installation procedures recommended for specific products.
• For specific questions or accepted industry standards, please refer to the following sources:
Natural Stone Institute
380 E Lorain St. Oberlin, OH 44074
PH: 440-250-9222;
Tile Council of North America
100 Clemson Research Blvd. Anderson, SC 29625
PH: 864-646-8453;


Sealing is an essential step in protecting the beauty and ensuring the longevity of a Haussmann Natural Stone product. We recommend sealing all natural stone products with a penetrating sealer, such as Dry-Treat Stain-Proof or MORE Premium Stone Sealer. Please consult a Haussmann Natural Stone sales representative to find out which type of sealer product is appropriate for your material. In addition, we recommend sealing all porous non-polished stones (limestone, marble, travertine, etc.) prior to grouting. This prevents grout from staining or affecting the color of the stone. As part of a normal maintenance procedure, all natural stone products require re-sealing on a regular basis. Please consult the manufacturer of your sealer to find out the time frame for re-sealing based on traffic patterns and use.
Please note: Haussmann Natural Stone provides recommendations for sealing products as a service to consumers only. Haussmann Natural Stone does not warranty, and will not be responsible for, any claims regarding sealers.


Stone is a natural product, and care should be taken to protect it from harsh abrasive cleaners and abrasive cleaning tools. While the right product for cleaning specific stones varies, we generally recommend products such as MORE Surface Cleaner & Protector. As with other flooring products, stone tile floors may require occasional professional cleaning to maintain or restore their natural appearance.


Regarding Honed Stone Tile
Stone tile with a honed finish is a popular choice for flooring. Specific stones react differently to the honing process due to the stone’s hardness and composition. Some very hard stones may show slight swirl marks or unevenness in surface finish that may become apparent when the stone is exposed to reflective light. This is not considered a defect, but a natural characteristic of the stone. Please carefully inspect your purchase of honed stone tile before installation. If you find the finish unacceptable, please notify Haussmann Natural Stone. No allowances or claims will be accepted for swirl marks or uneven finishing after installation.
Regarding Installing Natural Stone Products in a Shower
Haussmann Natural Stone recommends that the substrate beneath, and pertaining to, the tiling of shower walls and floors with natural stone products (tiles, mosaics, slabs) has a waterproof membrane system installed prior to the installation of tile. No allowances or claims will be accepted for damage to natural stone products installed in a shower that does not have a waterproof membrane system.
Regarding Stone Countertops
Natural stone can make an excellent surface for kitchen countertops, bars, and lavatory tops. The life and enjoyment of your natural stone countertop will be enhanced by observing a few simple procedures:
• Never cut directly on your countertop – always use a cutting board
• Clean up liquid spills promptly
• Use a trivet or hot pad between countertop and very hot cookware
• Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads
• Be aware that acidic materials such as lemon juice and vinegar can etch some stone surfaces, especially limestone, marble, and travertine
• Because normal wear and tear can affect even the most durable stone, you may experience some scratching and chipping over time
Regarding Moisture Barrier and Antifracture Membrane
When stone is installed on a concrete slab at ground level, it is the responsibility of the buyer and installer to ensure that a proper moisture barrier is in place prior to installation.
Regarding Porous Materials
For porous materials, some efflorescence and/or spotting from the setting material may occur during installation of thin (3/8”) tiles. Sealing the back of the tile prior to installation of the stone will help prevent such occurrences.
Regarding Installation in Freeze/Thaw Conditions
Materials suitable for use as flooring in areas that experience freeze/thaw conditions must be installed on a slope to allow for water drainage and have waterproof grout joints.


Durability Codes
The following codes provide a general guide for the appropriate application of Haussmann Natural Stone products. Please discuss your specific application environment with a sales representative before finalizing your selections.
Class I (Light Duty) – These stones are suitable for vertical applications and dimensional pieces with the exception of steam showers. They are not generally recommended for paving applications.
Class II (Medium Duty) – These stones are intended for use in all interior residential applications, including patio areas*, flooring, and countertops**. These stones are also appropriate for many commercial applications such as light traffic*** interior flooring, exterior* and interior vertical applications.
Class III (Heavy Duty) – These stones are extremely hard, making them suitable for all light and medium duty applications as well as most interior and exterior* commercial applications. Recommended uses include heavy traffic*** residential and commercial flooring and other areas that require maximum durability.
*Some Medium and Heavy Duty stones cannot be used in exterior applications in areas that experience freeze/thaw conditions. Please consult the specification sheet for this information.
**Some Heavy Duty stones may be subject to scratching or etching when used as countertops. Please see notes about stone countertops located in the left column of this page.
*** Light, Medium, and Heavy traffic refer to pedestrian traffic only. If stone is to be installed in an area with vehicular traffic, please contact a Haussmann Natural Stone sales representative to inquire about thickness and installation requirements.
Variation and Uniformity Codes
Natural stones are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. All natural stones have unique variations and inclusions that are impossible to show in a photograph or sample. For this reason, all stone tile and slabs should be unpacked and inspected prior to installation. Haussmann Natural Stone cannot accept claims for variation in any stone after installation.
Limited Variation – Stones in this category are relatively uniform in background color, veining, and movement.
Moderate Variation – Stones in this category exhibit some variation in background color, veining, and movement. Blending these materials during installation is strongly recommended to ensure satisfactory results.
Wide Variation – Stones in this category exhibit a wide range of variation in color, veining, and movement. Blending these materials during installation is required to ensure satisfactory results.


Industry standards allow for variation from a specified value regarding size, thickness, etc. of natural stone products. Material should fall within the range of specified tolerances as outlined in the Natural Stone Institute’s Dimension Stone Design Manual. Haussmann Natural Stone will not accept claims for variation within approved ranges.



Installation constitutes acceptance. Claims regarding color range, finish and tolerances can only be made prior to installation.
Shipping claims need to be documented upon receipt of material on the freight carrier’s BOL. If damage is not noted, claims will not be accepted.
Haussmann Natural Stone’s liability is limited to material only and excludes labor charges related to installation or removal of product.